Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko

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  • Diablo Blanco Leopard Geckos are a visually stunning morph with white bodies and red eyes.
  • They are a combination of four recessive traits; Blizzard, Tremper Albino, Tremper Eclipse, and Patternless Stripe.
  • Adult Diablo Blanco geckos range from 7-11 inches in size, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a manageable reptile pet.

Diablo Blanco leopard geckos are a captivating and visually stunning morph of the popular leopard gecko species. With their stark white, patternless bodies, contrasting ruby red eyes, and unique genetic traits, these intriguing creatures have become a favorite among reptile enthusiasts.

Originating in 2006, the Diablo Blanco is a result of combining the Blizzard trait and RAPTORs, giving them a mix of four recessive traits: Blizzards, Tremper Albinos, Tremper Eclipse, and Patternless Stripe.

Adult Diablo Blanco leopard geckos range in size from 7-11 inches, with males generally being larger, measuring 8.5-11 inches in size. Females tend to be slightly smaller, at 7-9 inches in size. Their smaller size makes them an ideal choice for those not looking to care for a large pet, and they are manageable for individuals new to keeping reptiles.

Understanding Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko

The Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko is an interesting morph that has grown in popularity among leopard gecko enthusiasts. In this section, you will learn more about the appearance, genetics, and origin of this unique leopard gecko variant.


The lineage of the Diablo Blanco includes four recessive traits: Blizzards, Tremper Albinos, Tremper Eclipse, and Patternless Stripe. Combining these traits results in a gecko with:

  • White body: The stark white coloration makes this morph stand out.
  • Red eyes: Another distinctive feature, the solid red eyes contrast with the white body.

Genetic Mutation

The Diablo Blanco morph is a combination of several genetic mutations found in leopard geckos:

  • Blizzard: This strain eliminates all patterns, giving a uniform color to the gecko.
  • Tremper Albino: A form of albinism that results in reduced melanin, altering the gecko’s colors and patterning.
  • Tremper Eclipse: This trait is responsible for the solid red eyes in Diablo Blancos.

Other Morphs

There are many leopard gecko morphs out there, with a wide range of interesting colors, patterns, and traits. Some examples include:

  • Baldy: Lacks spots on the head.
  • Carrot head and tail: Features bright orange coloring on the head or tail.
  • Lavender: Radiates a subtle lavender hue in the pattern.
  • Super Hypo: Exhibits very few or no spots on the body.
  • Marble Eye: Presents a unique pattern in the eye.
  • Lemon Frost: Boasts a brilliant yellow color.
  • Ghost: Displays faded patterns and colors.
  • Hypomelanistic: Has reduced melanin, resulting in lighter colors and patterns.
  • Jungle: Features an irregular, broken pattern.
  • Melanistic: Showcases an increased amount of black pigmentation.

Wild-Type vs Morphs

The wild-type leopard gecko is the natural form found in the wild, while morphs are selectively bred in captivity for specific traits. Diablo Blancos and other morphs are the results of breeders choosing specific characteristics to create various visually appealing appearances.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko, you can appreciate the unique qualities of this captivating morph.

Genetic Aspects and Breeding

Overview of Genetics

The Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko is a combination morph created by Ron Tremper in 2006. Its unique appearance is determined by a mix of genetic traits, including the Blizzard trait and the RAPTOR (Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper Orange) traits. Here are some key genetic aspects to understand:

  • Recessive traits: Both the Blizzard and RAPTOR traits are recessive, which means both parents must carry the gene for the trait to be expressed in their offspring.
  • Homozygous: An offspring with two copies of the same allele for a trait, increasing the probability of producing offspring with the desired trait when bred.
  • Genetic mutations: Diablo Blanco is characterized by stark white coloration with black markings, which are thought to be caused by the “reverse stripe” allele, a genetic mutation.

Breeding Techniques

Breeding Diablo Blanco Leopard Geckos requires intentional pairing of geckos with the desired traits. As an aspiring breeder, you should follow these techniques:

  • Selective breeding: Choose breeding pairs with the desired traits, such as the Blizzard trait and RAPTOR traits. This increases the chances of producing offspring with Diablo Blanco characteristics.
  • Captive breeding: Maintain a healthy, controlled environment for breeding pairs to promote successful mating and egg-laying.
  • Monitoring offspring: Keep track of hatchlings and their genetic makeup, paying close attention to which traits are expressed. This helps in determining future breeding pairs more accurately.

When it comes to breeding Diablo Blanco Leopard Geckos, understanding their genetics and employing the right breeding techniques are vital for achieving the desired offspring and maintaining a successful breeding program.

Morph Variations

Leopard gecko morphs come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. In this section, we will discuss the basic and combination morphs found in Diablo Blanco leopard geckos.

Basic Morphs

Basic morphs are created due to spontaneous genetic mutations. Here are some common basic morphs and their characteristics:

  • Tremper Albino: Lighter colors, red or pink eyes
  • Patternless: Absence of body pattern, solid color
  • Mack Snow: Reduced yellow pigmentation, white bands
  • Blizzard: Solid white or very light colors, no visible pattern
  • Eclipse: Partial or fully black eyes with reduced body pattern

Combination Morphs

Combination morphs are formed by breeding geckos with different basic morphs. Here are some notable combination morphs:

  • Raptor: A mix of Tremper Albino, Patternless, and Eclipse, showing red eyes and an absence of body pattern
  • Tremper Eclipse: A blend of Tremper Albino and Eclipse, showing light colors and minimal patterning with black eyes
  • Stripe & Reverse Stripe: A line or banding down the spine with (stripe) or without (reverse stripe) connecting to lateral stripes
  • Halloween Mask: A morph with distinctive head markings and intense orange coloration
  • Snow: Pale yellow or tan coloration with reduced patterns, can be combined with other morphs (e.g., Blazing Blizzard, Mack Snow)
  • Super Giant: Enlarged size due to the combination of two giant genes

These morphs bring out numerous colors and patterns in Diablo Blanco leopard geckos. Some examples of colors are tan, yellow, and red stripe. Combinations such as patternless stripe, banana blizzard, and tangerine further diversify their appearance. As a result, no two geckos are precisely alike, making them unique pets to own.

Caring for a Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko

Ideal Habitat

An ideal habitat for your Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko is a well-designed tank or enclosure featuring:

  • A temperature gradient: Provide a warm side of the terrarium with a temperature of 90°F (32°C) and a cool side with a temperature around 75°F (24°C).
  • A substrate: Use reptile-safe carpet or paper towels to avoid impaction risks from loose substrates.
  • Hides: Place a minimum of three hides in the tank, with one on the warm side, one on the cool side, and one in an in-between area.

Feeding Requirements

As nocturnal creatures, Diablo Blanco Leopard Geckos primarily eat insects at night. To ensure a well-rounded diet:

  • Feed them mealworms, crickets, wax worms, and butter worms as staple foods.
  • Provide variety and avoid repetitive feeding of the same insect.
  • Adults need feeding every 2-3 days, while juveniles need daily meals.
  • Dust the insects with a calcium supplement to support healthy growth and development.

Health Concerns

Maintaining your gecko’s health requires routine care and monitoring:

  • Regularly check for signs of illness, such as lethargy, weight loss, or skin issues.
  • Keep the tank clean and free from waste or debris.
  • Bring your gecko for regular checkups with a reptile veterinarian to ensure optimal health.

Physical Characteristics of Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko

The Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko is a visually striking reptile, known for its unique and distinctive appearance. In this section, we will discuss the physical characteristics of this gecko, focusing primarily on its body, tail, and size.

  • Body: The Diablo Blanco features an all-white, patternless body, which sets it apart from other Leopard Gecko morphs. This stark white coloration is a result of the combination of Blizzard, Tremper Albinos, Tremper Eclipse, and Patternless Stripe traits. These geckos have red eyes, which can range from a bright ruby red to a darker shade, further accentuating their striking appearance.

  • Tail: The tail of the Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko is also completely white and patternless, just like its body. This trait is a result of the Blizzard gene, which eliminates all pattern and coloration, creating a uniform white appearance across the entire body and tail.

  • Size: As with other Leopard Geckos, the Diablo Blanco grows to an average length of 7 to 10 inches, with males typically being slightly larger than females. Their weight can range from 45 to 70 grams, depending on factors such as age, diet, and overall health.

In summary, the Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko is a stunning morph that appears truly unique due to its all-white, patternless body and tail, along with its captivating red eyes. With proper care and attention, this striking gecko can be an eye-catching addition to any reptile collection.

Buying a Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko

When considering purchasing a Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko, be sure to keep a few key factors in mind to make sure you find a healthy and happy pet.

Price Range

  • Prices for a Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko can range from $169.95 to $759.00, depending on factors such as age, size, and breeder reputation.
  • Be prepared to invest in a proper terrarium, heating, and feeding supplies for your pet, in addition to the initial purchase cost.

Reputable Sources

  • Look for reputable breeders, such as those found on MorphMarket US & Canada, to ensure a healthy and ethically bred pet.
  • Research the breeder’s reputation and customer reviews to feel confident in your purchase.

Images and Descriptions

  • Examine images of the gecko carefully for indicators of good health, such as bright eyes, clean skin, and an alert posture.
  • Pay attention to descriptions provided by the breeder, such as the gecko’s age, size, and any additional morph traits it may possess.

Docile Nature and Compatibility

  • Leopard geckos are known for their docile nature, making them excellent pets for both beginner and experienced reptile owners.
  • If you’re planning to house multiple geckos, consider their compatibility; Diablo Blanco Leopard Geckos can be successfully housed together if they are of similar size and not displaying aggression.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to finding a perfect, healthy Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko to join your reptile family

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