21 Toys Your Leopard Gecko Will Love

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Leopard Geckos are inquisitive and exploratory by nature. Offering a range of toys helps their physical and mental well-being and can potentially extend their life span. 

There are several reptile-specific toys available for Leopard Geckos. Be particular about toy safety and pick options that mimic the gecko’s natural environment. Here are various recommended toys your Leopard gecko will most certainly thank you for. 

Climbing ladders

A ladder is an absolute must-have! Leopard Geckos are natural climbers; providing them opportunities to explore and exercise is massively beneficial.

This SunGrow Leopard Gecko Coconut Husk Hut with Ladder from Amazon is a durable shelter made from natural coconut fibers. Your Leopard Gecko will love crawling up and down its rope ladder. The coconut fiber textures will also encourage muscle-focused exercise.   


Who doesn’t love a hammock? Naturally, Leopard Geckos will also fancy a new resting spot. A hammock provides an additional area in an enclosure for exploration. 

Look for hammocks made from natural fibers, similar to this Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock Reptile Lounger from Amazon. Made from hand-woven seaweed, you can be sure your Leopard Gecko’s nails will not get caught. 

Corner hammocks take up minimal enclosure space and are helpful when your Leopard Gecko needs a good rub when shedding. 

Flexible branches or vines

Your Leopard Gecko will thank you for adding some easy-to-climb entertainment.

Look at this Coolrunner 8FT Reptile Vines and Flexible Reptile Leaves from Amazon. This eco-friendly, durable, natural-looking vine offers an easy but rough surface for your gecko to climb and is very simple to set up. 

Add a bridge hide

Leopard Geckos are solitary animals that enjoy hiding, hunting, and exploring. 

A bridge like this PENN-PLAX Reptology Shale Scape Step Ledge & Cave Hideout from Amazon is great to hide under, lounge on, climb, and explore.  

This bridge comes in various sizes, looks very realistic, and is a safe way to provide your Leopard Gecko with multiple climbing paths.   

Artificial greenery

Often underrated, greenery can offer heaps of climbing and exploratory amusement for your gecko. 

If space allows it, add at least one hanging plant in your tank, such as this SLSON Reptile Plants Hanging Silk Terrarium Plants with Suction Cup from Amazon. 

Other fantastic popular options are the SunGrow Reptile Artificial Plant with Resin Base and Exo Terra Boston Fern Terrarium Plant

Live plants

If you don’t like the look of artificial greenery and you have the time to care for live plants, your Leopard Gecko will love and appreciate the environmental enrichment they provide. In addition, live plants create a more natural habitat, often reducing stress and improving overall well-being. 

A bonus is that live plants also aid in regulating terrarium humidity levels. Geckos will love the new hiding places, climbing structures, and hunting spots. 

Researching live plants and ensuring their safety before adding them to your terrarium is vital. So let me reduce some of your stress levels and provide you with this handy list of popular plant options.

Safe Plant Options
1. Ponytail palm
2. Spekboom
3. Christmas Cactus 
4. Echeveria
5. Snake plants 
6. Air plants
7. Jade plant
8. Living stones
9. Aloes

The hanging bell ball

You may think this toy is better suited to a cat than a gecko. Still, Leopard Geckos love playing with and chasing these colorful balls (especially if you add treats inside)—an excellent way to help with your gecko’s exercise and coordination. 

This 6 Pack Bearded Dragon Toy Bell Balls from Amazon can be easily attached to your tank and are made with gecko-safe materials. 

It is a trendy reptile toy that will entertain you and your gecko (a win-win situation). 

A playpen

Yes, you read that right. There are, in fact, suitable playpens for Leopard Geckos. However, please ensure to choose a pen with small breathable holes (you don’t want any unwanted escapes). 

A playpen is an excellent way to have your reptile friend explore the outdoors without getting into danger. I still recommend supervising your gecko when in its playpen. 

This GABraden Small Animals Tent, Reptiles Cage playpen from Amazon is easy to clean, fold away, and has good ventilation.

Treat balls

Treat balls are similar to hanging balls but can be more easily pushed around, encouraging your gecko to move. 

Your Leopard Gecko will love using their head and mouth to push this treat ball from Amazon. The ball is transparent, which quickly grabs your geckos’ attention.  


Tunnels are fun for hiding and exploring. Look for tunnels made from natural fibers that help to imitate the gecko’s natural environment. 

The Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Hideouts Bark from Amazon comes in various sizes, is easy to clean, looks natural, and will most certainly satisfy your Leopard Geckos’ need for burrowing. 

Reptile leaf litter

A Leopard Gecko is at its happiest when in their natural habitat. So why not reproduce that environment by adding leaf litter to the tank? 

This SunGrow 30 Pack Large Catappa Indian Almond Leaves for Reptiles from Amazon is perfect for geckos to climb, hide under and leap over, and they come in large, medium, and mini sizes. The leaves will also help to keep your gecko from getting muddy from the tank substrate. 

Sleeping bags

Make your Leopard Geckos day or night by providing a comfortable resting surface. 

I love this Bearded Dragon Bed with Pillow and Blanket from Amazon that is durable, breathable, and washable. A comfy place to rest where the likelihood of falling is minimal.   

A cave

I was thrilled to find this Zilla Spring Cave Décor with Blue LED from Amazon. It’s guaranteed to look fantastic in any tank, and I love how it mimics the look of a cave with running water. I can’t see many Leopard Geckos turning their nose at that. 

The cave’s natural look will brighten your gecko’s day. In addition, they will undoubtedly love drinking from a moving water source. 

Bath collar ring

I am not a fan of this accessory, but many Leopard Gecko owners love them and insist their geckos do too. 

I have reluctantly added them to the list of toys but would like to point out that if your gecko appears stressed or is not enjoying the ring, do without it. On the other hand, if you have a Leopard Gecko that loves it, go for it!

Amazon’s 3.74 Inch Lizard Bearded Dragon Leopard Gecko Bath Collar Ring is incredibly popular. The various available funky colors make them a firm favorite. 

Moss cave hideouts

Moss caves look fantastic in terrariums and help to retain moisture and provide refuge from the heat, preventing heat stress and dehydration. Your solitary gecko will equally enjoy the sense of security and privacy the cave offers. 

I am personally fond of this long-lasting Galápagos (05346) Mossy Cave Hide from Amazon made from green and sphagnum moss. 

Add a skull to your tank

Your Leopard Gecko will enjoy the multiple entrances and hiding spots in this Exo Terra Terrarium Decor Croc Skull_LQ from Amazon. 

It is a popular décor item for reptile owners and will help keep your gecko stimulated and stress-free. 

 DIY obstacle course

You don’t need to be crafty or a creative whizz to create a simple obstacle course for your Leopard Gecko. An obstacle course is a great way to provide your gecko with exercise and enrichment. 

Use safe materials that won’t harm or injure your Leopard Gecko. For example, some safe materials for creating obstacles are PVC pipes, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, small wooden pieces (driftwood, branches), rocks, or smooth stones. 

Arrange the items so that they are safe but challenging for your gecko. Mazes also work brilliantly, as well as tunnels or ramps. Please constantly monitor your Leopard Gecko to ensure they don’t get injured or stuck. 

 Decorative Pier

Some Leopard Geckos will enjoy the exercise a pier provides. It also provides a comfortable resting spot with a good view of their surroundings. 

The pier offers added natural terrarium space for your gecko to explore while giving them a space to hide below. 

A good option is Penn-Plax Reptology Floating Pier from Amazon. 

 Decorative reptile feeder or water bowl

Although not a toy per se, adding a natural, lifelike decorative water or feeding bowl to your terrarium will improve your Leopard Geckos’ everyday life. Living in an environment that replicates their natural habitat will make them happier and more stimulated. 

This PINVNBY Resin Reptile Platform Artificial Tree Trunk Reptile Tank Decor Food Water Dish Bowl from Amazon looks fantastic and is perfect for encouraging climbing. 

 A Fossil Ornament

The Exo Terra Dinosaur Egg Fossil Ornament from Amazon is popular due to the aesthetics it brings to a tank (that said, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea). It is also a perfect hideout for your gecko and will act as a fun obstacle course. 

Great for reducing stress, creating a humid microclimate, and a secure hiding spot for your pet. 

Ping Pong Balls

I suggested other ball options, but ping-pong balls tend to roll around effortlessly with just a flick of a gecko’s head. Choose brightly colored balls, and allow your Leopard Gecko to have fun chasing and pushing them. 

Since you most likely do not need 100 balls, this Champion Sports 1 Star Table Tennis Ball Pack from Amazon comes in a convenient set of 6 brightly colored balls that are durable and safe.

Sling Carrier

Not all Leopard Geckos will enjoy an outing, but some may love the environment change. If you notice your gecko reacting negatively or showing signs of stress, please refrain from using the sling. 

The Small Animal Sling Carrier from Amazon allows you to carry your gecko pet around.

Made with breathable, soft fabric, your Leopard Gecko should feel warm and comfortable while transported. Also great for short journeys to and from a reptile playpen. 

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