What Size Tank Does a Leopard Gecko Need? (Inches & Gallons)

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The many varieties and styles of terrariums available online and in-store can make selecting a tank for your Leopard Gecko challenging. Does size matter, and can it affect the health and happiness of your gecko? Find the answers here. 

The optimal tank size for an adult leopard gecko is 30 Gallons. Leopard Geckos need space to roam to remain happy and healthy. Age, size, and the number of geckos you choose to house influence the size of terrarium you should ideally obtain. 

2 leopard geckos in a tank

What size tank does a Leopard gecko need?

Most newbie gecko owners are usually surprised to learn that Leopard Geckos need more floor space and larger tanks to remain active and healthy. 

Leopard Geckos are naturally curious ground dwellers who enjoy exploring and having space to roam. 

Although they can climb low-hanging branches or rocks, they are characteristically terrestrial.

For this reason, it makes sense to purchase a terrarium or tank that is long and narrow rather than high and wide. Many tanks found online are better suited for fish than reptiles due to their greater heights.

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Leopard Gecko age and tank size

When purchasing a tank for your Leopard Gecko, always consider their age and size first. The internal capacity of the terrarium is hugely important and can affect your gecko’s health in the long term. 

The more Leopard Geckos you house together, the larger tank you will require. It is also wise to consider the amount of décor, hides, and feeding bowls you would like to add to the tank, as this will significantly reduce the roaming space for your geckos. 

Here are some tank size recommendations by age: 

Baby and Juvenile Leopard Geckos

Young Leopard Geckos do not require a lot of space but will still do well in a larger tank if you provide sufficient hides and decorations for them to take cover in. 

A 10-gallon tank is usually sufficient for one baby or juvenile Leopard Gecko. However, due to their rapid growth, you will probably find that you need to purchase your gecko a larger tank soon after. Many tank decorations are also made with adult geckos in mind and can crowd a smaller 10-gallon tank. 

Most Leopard Geckos grow approximately one to two inches in three months.  At about two months of age, your Leopard Gecko will already benefit from moving over to a larger terrarium. 

It is more cost-effective and time-saving to purchase an adult-sized tank for your baby or juvenile Leopard Gecko from the start. I would recommend either a 20 or 30-gallon tank to allow space for your gecko to grow into it. 

Full-grown Leopard Geckos

An adult Leopard Gecko will benefit greatly from a larger enclosure. 

There is a misconception that Leopard Geckos grow stressed and disorientated in a larger tank environment. Nevertheless, most reptile owners have come to believe Leopard Geckos thrive in larger spaces, and there is no such thing as a tank that is too large. 

It is valuable to note that more décor and hiding spaces will be necessary if you have a larger enclosure. 

A 30-gallon tank is seen as an ideal size for a Leopard Gecko. Although you can house a Leopard Gecko in a 20-gallon tank, I would not go smaller than this, as they enjoy space to roam and explore. 

If your Leopard Gecko is larger than most, I recommend a 30 or 40-gallon tank. A good rule of thumb is to increase your tank size by 5 to 10 gallons for every additional Leopard Gecko you add

Leopard Gecko tank sizes simplified

Tank sizes can be confusing, especially when ordering a terrarium online. Always select a tank that is wider rather than taller, and if you can afford a reptile-specific tank as opposed to a fish tank alternative, this can often be advantageous. 

Here is a handy guide to the most popular and frequently purchased tank sizes in both inches, centimeters, gallons, and liters to make comparing and ordering simpler. 

Tank size(gallons)Approx. Inches (length, depth, height)Tank size (liters)Approx. Centimeters(length, depth, height)
10 gallons long24” x 9” x 13”37.9 liters61 x 23 x 33
20 gallons long30.25” x 12.5” x 12.75”79 liters77 x 32 x 32
30 gallons long36” x 18” x 12”127 liters91 x 46 x 30
40 gallons long48” x 13” x 17”151.4 liters122 x 33 x 43

If you need a quick reference for tank size based on the age or life stage of your Leopard Gecko, this chart will also prove helpful.

Life stageMin size tankOptimal tank size
Baby / Juvenile10 gallons20+ gallons
1 Adult20 gallons30+ gallons
2 Adults25 gallons30+ gallons
3 Adults30 gallons40+ gallons
4 Adults35 gallons40+ gallons

Signs your terrarium is inadequately sized

If you know what signs to look out for, you can easily spot when your Leopard Gecko may be uncomfortable in their terrarium space and may need the additional area to roam. 

Your Leopard Gecko can get stressed in a tank that is too small or overcrowded with décor or feeding equipment. Heat regulation in a smaller tank may also need to be monitored more closely to ensure your gecko does not overheat.  

A Leopard Gecko’s appetite can decrease; they may lose weight, hide more frequently or wave their tails nervously when stressed. Hiding is typically a good indication that your gecko feels uncomfortable in its surroundings. 

By not attending to these concerns, Leopard Geckos’ prolonged stress can lead to more severe health conditions. 

Final thoughts

Careful consideration should be taken when purchasing a Leopard Gecko terrarium. If budget allows, purchase a larger tank instead of a starter tank. This will save you money and hassles in the long run. 

Consider the number and size of the Leopard Geckos you would like to house and the amount of décor or feeding equipment you require when selecting a tank. Try to shop for a tank that is long and narrow as opposed to high and wide in appearance. 

Monitor your leopard gecko’s behavior to promptly identify any stresses that may require tank size changes or the purchasing of additional tanks. 

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