101 Great Leopard Gecko Names (For Males & Females)

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Choosing a name for your leopard gecko can be tricky. 

Fortunately, we have decided to list some great examples for you in this post. In it, you will find male, female, unisex, yellow, and even snow leopard gecko names. 

Leopard gecko, Eublepharis macularius, against white background

Male leopard gecko names

If you have a male leopard gecko, you can give him one of the following names:

  • Apollo – this masculine name means destroyer, making it perfect for aggressive or edgy leopard geckos
  • Axel – this name means father of peace and is a great name for peaceful geckos
  • Brutus – this is a masculine name that means dull or heavy. It’s of Latin origin and is particularly great for big male leopard geckos 
  • Clive – this British name references a cliff or a steep and was originally used to name a man who resided on one. 
  • Leo/Leon – this is a popular male name that’s derived from the Latin name for lion. This makes it a great pick for leopard geckos who are brave
  • Nico – this name has Italian origins and means victory for the people. It is usually suitable for brave leopard geckos
  • Jazz – since this name represents a relaxing style of music, it’s a good pick for calm leopard geckos 
  • Raider – this male name means danger or rebel. It’s a good fit for male leopard geckos who are aggressive or territorial
  • Rocky – this name has English origins and means peace, making it suitable for peaceful male leopard geckos
  • Speedy – this name originates from Suffolk and means fortunate successful swift. It’s a great fit for male leopard geckos that are fast
  • Prince – this name has Latin origins and means a Royal son. It’s a great fit for pampered geckos
  • Jasper – this masculine name has Persian origins and translates to treasure or bearer of treasure. As such, it’s a good name to give your favorite gecko
  • Levi – this name has Biblical origins. It comes from a Hebrew word that means joined or united. As such, you can give it to a gecko you feel is loyal
  • Ziggy – originating in Germany, this masculine name means victorious protector. As such, it’s a great choice for a protective male leopard gecko
  • Herbert – originating in Germany, this masculine name means illustrious warrior. It’s a good fit for brave male leopard geckos 
  • Frank – this male name has German origins and means free. It’s a great choice for free-spirited geckos
  • Dante – this is the short form of the Italian name Durante which means enduring. You can give it to a gecko who has endured and surpassed great obstacles 
  • Damien – this traditionally male name means to tame. So it can be a good fit for a tame male leopard gecko
  • Percy – this is a French name meaning one who pierces the valley. Generally, it’s a fun name for an adventurous male leopard gecko 
  • Ezra – a Hebrew name that means help

Female leopard gecko names

  • Bella – this Italian name means beautiful and is suitable for stunning geckos
  • Ellie – this name has English and Greek origins. It means light and is suitable for any female leopard gecko that lights up your world
  • Daisy – this English name is floral and great for yellow, white, or light pink female geckos
  • Flora – this name is derived from the Latin name for flower and is suitable for colorful geckos
  • Lila – this name is derived from the Arabic and Hebrew words for the night. It’s a particularly great name for a black gecko
  • Ruby – this name is derived from the red gemstone that bears it. If you have a striking red gecko, this can be a good name for it
  • Violet – a name of Latin origin meaning purple. It’s commonly given to geckos with a solid purple color or purple hues
  • Blizzie – this is a beautiful name for female blizzard gecko morphs 
  • Aria – an Italian name that means air, song, or melody. It’s a good name choice for geckos who produce pleasant sounds 
  • Jolie – French name that means beautiful and is a fit for uniquely stunning geckos
  • Giselle – a feminine French name that means pledge. It can be a good fit for female geckos that appear loyal
  • Mabel – a feminine name of English origin that means dear or lovable. You can choose it for the female gecko you love best
  • Hazel – an English feminine name that originates from the tree called the same. It’s a good choice for geckos who have brownish-green spots, blotches
  • Sage – as many would expect, the name sage means wise and is best for healthy, wise-looking geckos
  • Vera – a name of Slavic origin that means faith. It can suit any female gecko 
  • Stella – this name means star in Latin and is 
  • Ophelia – a name that’s derived from the Greek word opheleia which means benefit 
  • Jade – this British name means precious stone and belongs to a popular green one. It’s great for leopard geckos with some green hues or patterns
  • Nova – a name of Latin origin that means new. It can serve as a witty and fun name for a new leopard gecko
  • Calliope – a Greek name that means beautiful voice. It is best suited for leopard geckos who like vocalizing
  • Joan – a name of French and Hebrew origins that means God is gracious. It can also be a reference to the famous Joan of Arc
  • Audrey – this beautiful feminine name has English origins and means noble strength. It’s good for tough geckos and can be a reference to the actress Audrey Hepburn
  • Cleopatra/Cleo – Greek feminine name meaning glory of the father. You can name your leopard gecko this in honor of Egypt’s last ruler
  • Rosa – Mexican name that translates to “rose”. It could also be a reference to the famous activist Rosa Parks 
  • Ruth – this Hebrew name means compassionate friend and is suitable for warm leopard geckos 

Unisex leopard gecko names

  • Ash – a gender-neutral name that is particularly suitable for white leopard geckos 
  • Bo – this gender-neutral name means “to live”. It’s suitable for peaceful leopard geckos
  • Zippy – this unisex name means quick and full of energy. As such, it’s a great name for energetic geckos
  • Ellis – this Welsh name means benevolent. It’s a great name choice for leopard geckos who are kind and nurturing
  • Titan – this powerful unisex name has Greek origins and means defender. It’s a great choice for a leopard gecko with a strong personality 
  • Tiger – this name symbolizes strength and power much like the animal that bears its name. As such, it’s a great name for strong powerful male leopard geckos

Most popular leopard gecko names

  • Goosebumps/Bumps – a name that references the texture of leopard gecko skin
  • Pea – this is a name of endearment that references a leopard gecko’s size and cuteness
  • Spots – this is a common name for leopard geckos who have spots on their skin
  • Smiley – reptile owners commonly give this name to geckos who smile a lot

Cute leopard gecko names

  • Princess – a cute name for female leopard geckos that refers to them as royalty. It’s a common choice for pampered female geckos
  • Coconut – a cute name for tough geckos 
  • Dotty – this cute name suits leopard geckos with dots/spots
  • Peanut – a name that’s suitable for sweet friendly geckos 
  • Bean – this is a cute name for a friendly leopard gecko 
  • Bobba – this name has German and Swedish origins. It means shining glory and is a good fit for warm leopard geckos
  • Blue – this is a cute name for any leopard gecko with blue hues
  • Echo – a suitable name for a vocal leopard gecko. It also references the velociraptors in Jurassic park 

Funny leopard gecko names

  • Nugget – an endearing name for sweet geckos
  • Wiggles – a funny name you can give a gecko who likes wiggling
  • Clutch – if your leopard gecko has a powerful clutch, this can be a suitable name for it
  • Draco – if your gecko reminds you of the Harry Potter character 

Rare leopard gecko names

  • Quentin – derived from the Latin name Quintinus, this French name means “the fifth”. It’s a rare and cool name that you can give to an edgy gecko
  • Rango – this rare name is from the movie Rango which features a chameleon with the same name. As such, it’s a great goofy name for leopard geckos and other reptiles
  • Pascal – this name is from the Disney movie Rapunzel. It was the name of the main character’s pet lizard and is a good fit for any goofy leopard gecko 
  • Alphys – this name is from the video game called Undertale. It belongs to the reptilian scientist in the game and can be a witty rare name to give your gecko
  • Barney – if you have a kid that’s into dinosaurs and particularly the one called Barney, this is a great name to give their leopard gecko

Unique leopard gecko names

  • Yoshi – this name is from the video game Nintendo and refers to Mario’s dinosaur. It’s a unique name with sentimental value 
  • Bunny – this is a term of endearment that you can call your gecko or any other pet
  • Smaug – if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you can name your leopard gecko after the dragon Smaug
  • Mushu – this is yet another unique name from a film. It’s the name of the dragon in Mulan
  • Godzilla – this is a great name for a feisty leopard gecko, especially if you love the Godzilla movies
  • Tesla – if you love cars and particularly Teslas, this can be a cool unique name to give your leopard gecko
  • Ramses – this Egyptian name means son of God and is a good name choice for gecko owners that are history buffs
  • Picasso – if you love art, it could be a great move to name your leopard gecko after the legendary painter Pablo Picasso
  • Poe – this unique leopard gecko name is inspired by the legendary poet Edgar Allen Poe

Yellow leopard gecko names

  • Amber – this feminine name has Latin and French origins. It means amber-colored. This color is between yellow and orange
  • Goldie – this English name is derived from gold and is great for leopard geckos with a yellow-gold hue

Snow leopard gecko names

  • Finn – this is a unisex name of Irish origin meaning white or fair. This makes it a great choice for white or pale leopard geckos  
  • Gwen – Feminine Welsh name that serves as the short form of Gwendolyn. Since it means white, this name is suitable for snow leopard geckos
  • Pearly – this name of English origin means like a pearl. As such, it’s a great name for any white leopard gecko

Orange leopard gecko names

  • Ginger – this word is usually linked to red or orange characteristics. That’s why it’s an easy name choice for an orange gecko
  • Sunset/Sunny – since the sunset has tints of orange, this is a great name for orange leopard geckos 

Japanese leopard gecko names

If you watch a lot of anime and are looking for a leopard gecko name that reminds you of this, you can try Japanese names like:

  • Yukio – masculine name that can mean snow boy or fortunate
  • Jiro – can mean abundant, generous, prosperous, or tolerant depending on the characters used to spell it
  • Hiromi – gender-neutral name that means abundant beauty
  • Aimi – feminine name meaning beautiful love
  • Kabuki – this is the name of a classical theater form in Japan 
  • Chika – a feminine name that can mean flower, fruit, celebration, fragrance, or summer depending on the characters used to write it
  • Daiki – masculine name meaning big shining
  • Taiki – masculine name meaning great radiance 
  • Ryu – masculine name meaning dragon, flow, prosperous, or noble
  • Judo – name meaning the way of gentleness 
  • Nao – can mean esteem or honest
  • Hiraki – can mean peace, flat, or even
  • Kioko – feminine name that refers to a child born with happiness 

Final thoughts 

When it comes down to it, you can name your leopard gecko whatever you want. 

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