How Many Crickets to Feed a Leopard Gecko (Weekly Feeding Schedule)

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The copious amounts of gecko feeding info can make it tricky for newbies to tell what’s best. Find out what cricket quantities, frequencies, and sizes are best before planning your Leopard Gecko’s feeding schedule. 

The frequency, size, and the number of crickets to feed Leopard Geckos are subject to their stage of development. It is essential to monitor and adjust their schedules based on their measurements, health, and age. 

How Many Crickets Should a Leopard Gecko Eat?

The number of crickets to feed your Leopard Gecko is dependent on their age, size, weight, and health. 

Bi-weekly measurement and weight checks, especially when your Leopard Gecko is young, will aid in determining a suitable feeding amount and whether your current feeding schedule is on target.  

A good rule of thumb is to feed your Leopard Gecko the amount of insects and worms they can eat in a period of 10 to 15 minutes. Typically, your mature gecko will eat approximately two appropriately sized insects for every inch that they are long. 

With time, you can gauge your individual Leopard Gecko’s appetite by monitoring them during feeds. Picky eaters may require additional time, and geckos prone to overeating may need their portion size controlled.  

Please be aware that the number of crickets you feed your adult Leopard Gecko will also be dependent on the size of the cricket you purchase. The cricket should be no bigger than the space between your Leopard Geckos’ eyes. 

How often should I feed my Leopard Gecko crickets?

Although crickets can be and are commonly fed as a staple diet to Leopard Geckos, adding additional insects to their diet is highly recommended. 

The frequency of your cricket feeding will depend on whether your Leopard Gecko is a baby, juvenile, or adult. Your baby Leopard Geckos will require more frequent daily feeds. In contrast, your juvenile and adult geckos must only be fed crickets approximately thrice a week. 

Here is an example of an adult and juvenile feeding schedule that you can use and adapt to your needs. Further details and schedules for baby Leopard Geckos will be detailed later in the article. 

Adult Feeding Schedule (10 + months)

Feed daysFeederFeeder sizeCalcium dustingVitaminSupplementationFeeding time
3 x week (10 – 15 mins)5 – 8 crickets3/4 to 1 inch2 x week 
(Breeding female: every feed)
1 x month
(Breeding female:1 x week)
9 pm – 5 am
Bi-weekly(Optional)2 – 5 wax wormslarge
2 x week(Optional)3 – 5 BSF larvae3/4 inch

Adult Leopard Geckos should be fed every second day, usually between five and eight crickets per feed. This amount is dependent on the size of the crickets offered, your gecko’s health, and their weight. 

By monitoring your Leopard Gecko’s measurements, feed time, and cricket quantity, you can adjust their feeding schedule appropriately. 

If your Leopard Gecko is sickly, you may be advised to feed them more frequently or even daily until they have recovered. An exotic veterinarian will be able to advise you best.

Juvenile Feeding Schedule (4 – 10 months)

Feed daysFeederFeeder sizeCalcium dustingVitaminSupplementationFeeding time
3 – 5 x week(10 – 15 mins)5 crickets3/8 to 5/8 inches2 x week1 x week9 pm – 5 am
2 x week (Optional)5 BSF larvae1/2 inch

Juvenile Leopard Geckos can be fed 3 to 5 times weekly, depending on their weight and appetite. Juveniles are still growing and will need additional feeding until they reach around ten months of age. 

How many crickets do Leopard Geckos eat at a time?

It is best to avoid releasing all crickets into the enclosure simultaneously, as this can cause unnecessary stress to your Leopard Gecko. The risk of crickets getting ‘lost’ in the terrarium and dying can create a health hazard, and some escapees may later nip your gecko.

Many Leopard Gecko owners find it better to provide their geckos with one or two crickets to hunt and eat at a time. By placing them on a dish or flat surface, you also avoid the risk of your gecko swallowing substrate when hunting for crickets jumping in the sand. 

If your Leopard Gecko is a picky eater, you can also attempt to offer them crickets one at a time with a small tweezer or tong. Special care should be taken in ensuring that the geckos are not injured if deciding to use this feeding method.

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How many large crickets to feed a Leopard Gecko?

Crickets typically come in small, medium, and large sizes, but some pet stores sell several different crickets sizes. This can be advantageous when feeding Leopard Geckos of varying ages and sizes. 

Large crickets should only be fed to fully grown, large-sized Leopard Geckos. You can ensure that the cricket size is appropriate by comparing the space between your gecko’s eyes and the cricket’s size. This space determines the width of your gecko’s throat and is essential to consider to avoid choking. 

A large Leopard Gecko can consume approximately 5 to 8 large crickets during a feed. If crickets are not their staple diet, consider exchanging some of the crickets for other live feeders. 

Ensure to gauge how many crickets they can consume in a period of 10 to 15 minutes and decrease or increase the crickets offered based on their weight, size, and body condition. 

How many crickets to feed a baby Leopard Gecko

Your baby Leopard Gecko will eat much more frequently than your juvenile and adult geckos. Baby geckos will eat approximately four to eight crickets daily. The crickets can be varied with other worms such as buffalo, hornworms or mealworms, or other larval feeders. 

Monitor the width between your baby geckos’ eyes as they grow to adjust the cricket size and adjust and decrease feed days as they age until they are on a juvenile or adult schedule. 

Including a mix of some other insects or treat feeders is also recommended in this early growth stage. Baby Leopard Geckos are prone to Metabolic Bone Disease if they do not receive a good calcium to phosphorus ratio in their diets. 

Baby Feeding Schedule (0 – 4 months)

Feed daysFeederFeeder sizeCalcium dustingVitaminSupplementationFeeding time
Daily(10 – 15 mins)4 – 8 cricketsPinhead to 3/8 inches3 x week1 x week9 pm – 5 am
3 x week (Optional)1 – 2 BSF larvae or mealworms1/4 inch

How many crickets to feed a fancy Leopard Gecko

You may wonder what the difference is between a Leopard Gecko and a fancy Leopard Gecko. The simple answer is that species-wise they are the same. 

The only differentiation is that a fancy Leopard Gecko is usually the name given to the typical pet store gecko variety instead of the wild morph variety. Fancy geckos can nevertheless display in any pattern or coloration. 

Consequently, Fancy Leopard Geckos have the same cricket feeding requirements as other babies, juvenile or adult Leopard Geckos. You can follow the same guidelines when considering what quantity or size to offer your common gecko. 

Final thoughts

All Leopard Geckos, fancy or wild, have similar cricket feeding requirements. By adjusting the quantity and size of the crickets offered with the age and measurements of your gecko, you will help provide them with a healthy and lengthy life. 

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