Do Leopard Geckos Like Music? (When They Do & Don’t)

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You may notice your leopard gecko reacting to music or loud noises in their cages, leading you to wonder if they enjoy music. They may or may not appreciate it, depending on the volume and style of music. 

If the music is particularly loud, it may stress the gecko, leading it to associate that sound with negative experiences. Since they live in the outdoors, they need to be mindful of any predators that may be around, which is why they have such keen hearing. 

The gecko may make a variety of sounds to indicate that they are stressed, including screaming, barking, and clicking if the music is too loud.

So Do Leopard Geckos Like Music?

Leopard Geckos enjoy music, especially if it is soft and melodic. Your gecko may become stressed if you’re listening to loud music at a high tempo. Leopard geckos are sensitive to sound; they correlate distinct noises with different predators and can become frightened by loud noises.

In the wild, geckos had to learn to coexist with larger prey who used to pursue them for food, as sound would reveal the position of the larger prey. 

Soft music, such as jazz, is a favorite of leopard geckos. You don’t have to confine the music to only jazz; if it’s played at a moderate volume, the geckos may be able to join in the fun.

The pros of music

 As previously stated, geckos link sound with a variety of situations. It might be a fantastic bonding experience for both you and the gecko if you play your music at a low volume. 

That is, the gecko will identify the music you play in their environment with the positive experience you gave them. You may also emit an associating sound, such as a gentle clicking sound or a soft hum, to indicate that it’s you and that they can trust you. 

If you hum softly while touching or feeding them, your leopard gecko will learn to associate the sound with you. While sleeping, you might play nature’s music to make the leopard gecko feel more at ease. Soft rain, swaying branches, and gentle breezes may make your gecko feel more comfortable and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

The cons of music

The leopard gecko may become stressed if the music is played too loudly. If at all possible, avoid making loud noises or yelling around their enclosure. When the noise becomes too loud, they may exhibit unusual behaviors such as shouting, barking, and clicking. 

The gecko may fall into shock if you continue playing loud music for a long time. If you don’t keep the music volume down, it could suffer from abrupt health concerns, including a stroke or heart attack. 

If they become too scared or nervous, they may hide in the concealed sections of their enclosure and refuse to come out when you approach. They do correlate noises with memories, so if you’re always blasting loud music when you’re around, they might associate you with terrible memories.

Types of sounds to play for geckos

 • Music at a low volume- You can listen to whatever music you choose as long as it is kept at a low volume. This is best if you like rock, rap, or hip hop music. If you’re near a gecko, keep your volume down.

 • Jazz- Isn’t it true that jazz is soul? Soul music appeals to even geckos. Jazz music has been found to make some geckos dance.

 • Heavy Dubstep—I know, I know. It may appear hypocritical, but playing music at a modest volume is beneficial to the leopard gecko. Geckos like listening to many types of music, with some preferring heavier beats over others.

 • Rap music- If you like rap music, the gecko could listen to it at a modest volume if that’s your thing.

 • Natural noises- Playing natural sounds can make your gecko feel more at ease. If a leopard gecko hasn’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in a long time, nature noises may be able to help them do so. If you detect any stressed behaviors in the geckos, this could help relieve some of their discomforts.

 Introduce your gecko to a variety of musical genres, but at a low volume. They can listen to anything they want, but attempt to figure out which genre they prefer. This will help the gecko avoid any stressful situations that may arise when listening to various types of music.

Can I play Loud Music Around My Gecko? 

You should not play loud music around your gecko. Leopard Gecko’s have extremely sensitive hearing. Loud music will upset and frighten them. 

 To avoid stressing leopard geckos:

  1. Play music at a low volume around them.
  2. Play some natural noise every now and again to assist them in getting a good night’s sleep.
  3. While patting them, make a low humming sound to assist them feel safe in your company and to allow them to associate noise with happy events.
  4. Play a variety of music at low volume to observe which the gecko prefers.
  5. Make the gecko’s tank their home to keep them entertained and to make them feel more secure.

With the gecko, you don’t have to limit yourself to simply natural noises; they can listen to music as long as the volume is tolerable.

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