Do Leopard Geckos Get Bored? (And What You Should Do)

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We all know what it’s like to feel bored. If you own a leopard gecko or want to, you may worry that they have nothing to do. Let’s dive into that topic and answer your questions.

Do Leopard Geckos Get Bored?

Leopard geckos do not get bored. Leopard geckos aren’t like humans. They don’t need constant entertainment or attention to feel satisfied. They’re happy to just eat, be healthy, and live in a safe and comforting environment.

It’s normal to think that animals get bored because we do as humans. Some reptiles might, but not the leopard gecko.

Are Leopard Geckos Even Capable of Being Bored?

Technically, no. Leopard geckos aren’t capable of being bored. However, they could become stressed out, which makes it seem like they have nothing to do.

There are things you can do to prevent them from getting stressed. Sometimes, the leopard geckos naturally do them to stay happy, occupied, and healthy. Here’s some things you can do:


Bonding helps you and your gecko build a close relationship with each other. It also gives them something else to do instead of lying around throughout the day.

New gecko owners should try bonding with them immediately. It’s crucial during the first one to two months of having the gecko. You can:

  • Feed them by hand.
  • Keep them on a schedule.
  • Make identifiable sounds to let the gecko know you’re a positive being.
  • Use a front-opening terrarium.
  • Don’t let others touch or hold the leopard gecko for a few months to establish dominance.
  • Take the gecko out of the tank periodically.
  • Talk to the gecko.
  • Let your leopard gecko crawl on you.

You should do these things all the time. However, if your gecko looks like it’s under the weather or bored, these tips are a great stress reliever.


Leopard geckos aren’t much different than us. They require water, food, and exercise to live a healthy life and feel good about themselves. However, geckos believe that it’s entertainment instead of a workout.

You can let your gecko run loose in the bathtub to give them some freedom and exercise. There isn’t much room in the tank for running because it’s not big enough!

Don’t you like to get out of the house and experience a new setting? Leopard geckos do, too!

Buying a larger tank can help them feel less cramped, too. However, some people don’t have the space for that, so a bathtub is a safe environment for them to play.


Just like you, leopard geckos need sleep. You feel sluggish and irritable if you’re tired in the morning, and your gecko does, too. They may even become sleep-deprived if they don’t have a good routine. So make sure to turn off their lights at night!

Leopard geckos rarely have trouble falling asleep like a human. However, something in the tank might be bothering them. That causes stress and a lack of sleep, so the gecko doesn’t act normally.

One cause of sleep deprivation is crickets. Though they like to eat them, too many in the tank can cause them to lose sleep due to the noise they make.

Sometimes, the gecko isn’t hungry enough or can’t catch them because they’re bouncing. If that happens, the crickets could bite the gecko.

Humans can also suffer cricket bites, but they aren’t strong enough to be noticeable or break the skin. However, it’s a painful issue for leopard geckos.

When you feed them before your bedtime, don’t let out too many live crickets. Get to know how hungry your leopard gecko gets and only put out what you think it might eat.

Otherwise, they must stay up all night to fight the crickets. Leopard geckos can also get infections from the cricket bites.

An unbalanced tank temperature can also cause you to have a sleep-deprived leopard gecko on your hands. This makes it uncomfortable for your pet, and they may act bored all the time.

Why Is My Leopard Gecko so Boring?

Some people expect their Leos to jump around, cling to the tank glass, and do stunts. However, they rarely do those things. They primarily enjoy lounging around.

Remember, these are nocturnal creatures. They sleep during the day and stay up at night. It’s normal to see them dozing or “lounging” in the tank.

If you want a pet that plays and does funny things all the time, a leopard gecko might not be ideal. While they can get rambunctious and are quite amusing at times, they are more laid back.

You may want to watch a few online videos about leopard geckos and their routines. That way, you understand what they do and when they might be more playful.

Most people work through the day and are home in the evening. Leopard geckos tend to start waking up around that time. These creatures are also great for those who work the night shift. You get to see more of their antics because you are both awake at the same time.

Are leopard geckos boring? It all depends on the owner’s expectations and preferences for a pet.

How Do I Keep My Leopard Gecko Entertained?

Leopard geckos aren’t necessarily interested in entertainment like other pets. For example, dogs like to play fetch and catch Frisbees, but geckos are content with lying around.

They also don’t need a companion. Leopard geckos do not get lonely and are quite comfortable on their own. In fact in can be dangerous to keep more than one together.

That said, some geckos prefer a bit of enrichment in their lives. A dig box is a great idea if you have a large enough tank. They can lay in it, hunt, and search for things.

If this is something you want to build yourself or buy, make sure that you don’t use sand. Eco earth is a great loose substrate.

Be patient when introducing new things to your leopard gecko. It might not use it at all for a week, but then it gets more excited. Typically, they get in there a few times a day and enjoy the change. Plus, you get to watch their playfulness and get entertained for a while.

Dig boxes can be messy, and leopard geckos like to throw the loose substrate everywhere. If you’re worried about the clean-up, you may also add something for the gecko to climb. Cork bark works well, but you can grab something from your yard, too.

You can find many products to put in leopard gecko tanks. Just make sure that you only introduce one or two items at a time. Otherwise, your gecko might get stressed from the newness of it all.

Many people find that the empty paper towel roll is a toy for their leopard geckos! Put it in the tank with them and watch them scurry inside and all around. It’s inexpensive and fun!

Some people like to play music around their leopard gecko. See our recommendations on the types of music you should play to avoid stressing them out.

Should You Play with Your Leopard Gecko in the Daytime?

Since leopard geckos are active at night, you shouldn’t disturb them in the daytime. However, some don’t mind playing, especially as they get more comfortable.

As with all animals, there is a learning curve. Be patient with your new friend and get to know their habits and needs. Then, you may try waking them up a little earlier so that you can bond with them before bedtime.

Final Thoughts

Leopard geckos do not get bored. They’re very laid-back reptiles and prefer to sleep during the day. However, you may want to add some enrichment items into their tank to keep them active. Things like climbing trees and dig boxes give them something new to explore.

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