The 5 Best Heat Lamps for Leopard Geckos (2023 Top Picks)

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Leopard geckos, originating from the arid regions of the Middle East and India, are accustomed to a warm and dry climate.

A good heat lamp can effectively recreate the temperature gradients these reptiles depend on for thermoregulation.

After extensive research and testing, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top heat lamps specifically designed for leopard geckos.

Let’s dive into the options and help you find the perfect heat lamp for your beloved pet.

5 Best Heat Lamps for Leopard Geckos

1. Fluker’s Repta-Clamp Lamp

Fluker's Repta-Clamp Lamp with Dimmable Switch for Reptiles, 5.5",Black

This is the one I use. The dimmable switch allows me to easily control heat output, ensuring a comfortable and precise temperature.

I’m a big fan of the clamp. It makes the lamp super easy to install and use.

Another feature that stood out to me was the ceramic socket, which is compatible with incandescent bulbs, ceramic heat emitters, and compact fluorescent bulbs. However, it’s essential to note that the dimming function does not work with compact fluorescent bulbs, so you’ll need to have the dimmer fully turned on when using one.

The safety clamp made it easy for me to securely attach the lamp to the rim of my gecko’s terrarium. Unfortunately, I did notice it was a bit fragile and required some care when handling.

One minor downside is the lack of numbered settings on the dimmer, making it a little tricky to find the perfect temperature initially. Nonetheless, once I got the hang of it, the benefits of the lamp certainly outweighed this shortcoming.

Overall I would say that Fluker’s Repta-Clamp Lamp with Dimmable Switch is a reliable and efficient heat lamp for a leopard gecko. Its customizable heat options and compatibility with various bulb types make this an excellent investment for any reptile owner.


  • Dimmable switch for heat control
  • Heavy gauge painted aluminum construction makes it durable
  • Ceramic socket compatible with various bulb types
  • Clamp makes setup and installation very easy


  • Dimming function doesn’t work with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • The clamp can be a bit fragile
  • No numbered settings on the dimmer

2. TFNN Reptile Heat Lamp

Reptile Heat Lamp, TFNN Double-Head Heat Lamp with Clamp, UVA UVB Reptile Light with Intelligent Cycle Timer for Turtle, Bearded Dragon, Lizard and More, 2 Bulbs 25W+50W


  • Intelligent cycle timing design
  • High-quality, flexible gooseneck construction
  • Comes with two heat-resistant bulbs (25W and 50W)


  • Clip-on clamp may not fit all terrarium designs
  • Timer settings may be limited
  • UV radiation might not be as strong as expected

I recently tried the TFNN Reptile Heat Lamp. The intelligent cycle timing is incredibly handy. This feature, which allows the lamp to automatically turn on and off every 24 hours without manual intervention, saved me a lot of time and worry.

The metal gooseneck is both sturdy and flexible, allowing you to direct the heat exactly where you need it in the terrarium.

The lamp came with two high-quality bulbs (25W and 50W) that are easy to install.

The ceramic heating lamp holders are an upgrade from plastic ones I’ve used in the past, as they provide better heat resistance and safety.

However, I found that the clip-on clamp might not fit all enclosure designs—something to consider when purchasing.

Additionally, the timer settings may not offer the flexibility some users require, and the UV radiation emitted might not be as intense as expected.

Despite these drawbacks, the TFNN Reptile Heat Lamp has worked very well for my geckos and offers a solid heating solution.

3. LUCKY HERP 150W Ceramic Heat Emitter

LUCKY HERP 150W Ceramic Heat Emitter, Reptile Heat Bulbs, Ceramic Heat Lamp for Reptiles, Amphibian, Chicken, Dog, Cat (2-Pack)


  • Generates heat quickly
  • Durable ceramic material
  • Long-lasting, up to 10,000 hours


  • Requires good quality ceramic lamp holders
  • Needs a safe distance from pets (30cm+)
  • Cannot be turned on immediately after turning off

The Lucky Herp emitter warms up fast, taking just four minutes to reach the rated temperature.

Note: You will need to pre-buy a lamp base for this product

Its sturdy construction sets it apart from the others. Made from a thick ceramic material, it promises a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours of use. Installation was easy; it fits in a standard E26 lamp base and runs on 120 volts.

However, it is essential to maintain a minimum distance of 30cm between the lamp and your reptile; otherwise, it could cause harm to your pet.

Also, refrain from turning the heat lamp on immediately after switching it off, as it may cause operational issues.

The LUCKY HERP 150W Ceramic Heat Emitter is an excellent product for heating your leopard gecko’s environment. Just remember to follow the safety instructions.

4. Fischuel Reptile Heat Lamp

Fischuel Reptile Heat Lamp,Heating Lamp with Clamp, Adjustable Habitat Basking Heat Lamp,UVA/UVB Light Lamp 360° Rotatable Clip and Dimmable Switch for Aquarium(Bulb Included) (E27,110V)


  • Two included bulbs with UVA/UVB
  • Easy to use with secure clip and flexible neck
  • Adjustable brightness and temperature


  • Cord length could be longer
  • Occasional knob fiddling to work
  • Bulb fragility when changing

The lamp comes with two E27 bulbs (25W and 50W), both offering UVA and UVB, which simulate sunlight. Plus a ceramic socket to withstand the heat.

I found the fixture incredibly user-friendly as it securely attaches to the terrarium, ensuring my gecko’s favorite basking spot receives proper heat and light.

My favorite feature of the Fischuel Reptile Heat Lamp is its customizability. The 40-inch power cord has a dimmable switch, allowing you to adjust the brightness and temperature.

Its 11-inch flexible goose-neck can rotate 360 degrees, making it a breeze to direct light where it’s needed most.


  • The cord length could be slightly longer to provide more placement options.
  • Sometimes the lamp didn’t work, and I needed to fiddle with the knob to get it functioning again.

5. Aiicioo Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb

Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb -60W Ceramic Heat Emitter No Harm No Light Infrared Heater Lamp for Chicken Coop Lizard Aquarium Snake Outside Dogs Brooder 110V,White


  • Efficient, long-lasting heat source
  • Suitable for high humidity environments
  • No light emitted for undisturbed sleep


  • Bulb can get quite hot to touch
  • May not generate enough heat for larger areas
  • Not suitable for pets that require light to distinguish day and night

The ceramic heat emitter provides a consistent, sun-like warmth that will keep your gecko comfortable, and the bulb lasts up to 10,000 hours, which offers great value for money.

One of the best features of this heat lamp is that it’s made of high-purity pottery clay, making it perfect for use in high humidity environments.

I also appreciate that it emits no light, ensuring that my Gecko’s sleep is not disturbed.

This is especially useful if you have nocturnal pets like leopard geckos that need darkness to maintain their regular sleep cycle.

However, there are a few downsides worth mentioning. The bulb can get extremely hot, so exercise caution and wait an hour before touching it to avoid burns.

Additionally, it might not generate enough heat for larger enclosures. Lastly, since it doesn’t emit any light, it won’t be suitable for animals that need light to differentiate between day and night.

Overall, the Aiicioo Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb is a reliable and affordable choice for efficiently providing warmth to your leopard gecko. Just be aware of its limitations and ensure it meets the specific needs of your pets before purchasing.

How to Choose a Reliable Heat Lamp

Consider the following factors.

Heating Method

There are a couple of different methods heat lamps can use to provide warmth:

  • Ceramic Heat Emitters: Emit heat without light, allowing leopard geckos to maintain their day/night cycle.
  • Infrared Bulbs: Produce infrared light, which doesn’t interfere with their sleeping patterns and is also gentle on their eyes.

Both of these options will work well. Just make sure you choose one that allows you to run a day/night cycle. This helps mimic a leopard geckos natural habitat.


The wattage of the heat lamp is crucial since it determines the amount of heat it will produce. While choosing the wattage, I keep in mind my gecko’s enclosure size and the needed temperature gradient:

Enclosure SizeSuggested Wattage
10-20 gallons50-75W
20-30 gallons75-100W
30-40 gallons100-150W

Thermostat Control

Temperature regulation is vital for a leopard gecko’s health. I always look for heat lamps that can be used with a thermostat to prevent overheating and maintain a consistent temperature.

Durability and Safety

Pay attention to the lamp’s build quality, ensuring it’s made from safe and durable materials. A well-constructed heat lamp should last a long time.

Additional Features

Lastly, I consider some additional features that can make maintaining my leopard gecko’s habitat more convenient:

  • Adjustable Socket: Allows adjusting the lamp’s direction for better heat distribution.
  • Switch Control: An easy-to-use switch makes turning the lamp on and off effortless.

Remember, a heat lamp is essential for replicating your Leos natural environment and temperature gradient. This keeps them healthy and happy.

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